2009: Trainings and consulting program for groups of IDPs
2009: “ABCO-Georgia”, together with CHF, in frame of the USAID funded GELS program, conducted total 11 sets of 4-day long trainings in Business Planning combined with the follow-up consultations, for groups of IDPs pre-selected by CHF. The aim of the program was implementing the income generation project to help jump-start people’s new livelihood. Training provided for teaching IDPs as how to start and successfully operate small business. First part of the training program was devoted to theoretical materials and practical skills in writing business plans and the second half included provision of direct consultations to each beneficiary trainee for implementing their individual business plans. Through the program, total number of 167 IDPs was trained and the according number of  business plans were prepared. Among those, 163 Business plans were eventually supported and financed by CHF International.  These 163 business plans represented  wide range of business activity from different spheres such as Service, (beauty salon/hairdressers’ shop); Handicraft; Trade (various imported  products, fruit and vegetable store, trade with plastic household items, glass and plastic vessels, coffee grinding and selling;  newspaper/magazine stand); Bakery operation; Production workshops ( textiles, metal items production, shoe repair), Food Production (frozen food/Khinkali, dried/smoked fish) Agricultural activity (beekeeping, cattle farming, pig farming, poultry farming, rabbit farming, etc.) Many of the above businesses started turning a profit almost immediately since they were providing services that each of the IDP settlements really needed;
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