The Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area (DCFTA) represents a part of the Association Agreement between Georgia and the European Union (EU). The Agreement aims at deepening and expanding the process of political cooperation and economic integration between Georgia and EU countries. The goal of DCFTA is to facilitate to intensification of trade relations between Georgia and the countries of European Union. In brief, DCFTA provides possibility for Georgian entrepreneurs to sell their products and services in EU countries without any tariffs and other barriers. More information about the DCFTA can be accessed at the following websites:  and
Association of Business Consulting Organizations of Georgia (ABCO), in cooperation with its partners, has developed a Toolkit (a manual) where in simple language and with help of practical examples is explained what is DCFTA and what it means to Georgia and its economy, particularly to Georgian businesses. In the Toolkit is provided information about the possibilities that DCFTA offers to Georgian entrepreneurs and what are the challenges and potential trade barriers in frame of DCFTA. Toolkit as well provides practical knowledge about ways of entering the common EU market, particularly about how Georgian entrepreneurs can search for and find potential partners in EU countries and how to export their products to EU countries, what are the necessary conditions and criteria that Georgian companies and their products should comply with in order to access the common EU market, etc.   The Toolkit you can download from here
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