2010-2011: “Promotion of Civic Participation and Development of Local Self-Government Capacities in Samtskhe –Javakheti”
2010-2011: ABCO, in partnership with “Caritas Czech Republic” implemented project on” Promotion of Civic Participation and Development of Local Self-Government Capacities in Samtskhe –Javakheti”, through funding of the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Department of Human Rights & Transition Promotion Policy within the program “Transition”. The Project’s purpose was to support the enhancement of civic participation in public life in rural areas of Georgia through activities facilitating to promotion of active participation of villagers in decision-making processes on local level. In the long-run and broader context, the project aimed to positively impact the increase of standard of living among the inhabitants of the region. The target groups of the project activities included representatives of the Village Committees (which were preliminary created and developed through the previous supporting activities of “Caritas Czech Republic” and Caritas Georgia and consisted of up to ten of the most respected, relevantly qualified and most active inhabitants in each of the target villages) and the inhabitants of the project’s 5 target villages/communities of the region, including 3 villages with predominantly Georgian population (Arali, Ude, Vale) and 2 villages  (Tsinubani, Naokhrebi) where local inhabitants are mainly of Armenian ethnicity. In scope of the project, ABCO specifically delivered series of trainings in Community Planning for the selected participants in all of the 5 beneficiary villages and facilitated to development of Community Development Plans for the above 5 target communities/villages, which, based on the conducted identification and prioritization of urgent needs and development perspectives, provided for implementation of the concrete community projects.
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