2011–2012: “Establishment and Support of a Rural Service Center in the Khulo District
2011-2012: Together with Caritas Czech Republic implementing project “Establishment and Support of a Rural Service Center in the Khulo District, the Autonomous Republic of Adjara, Georgia”. Project was financed by the Czech Development Agency and provided for the establishment, technical equipping and capacity building of 2 rural service centers (RSC) in the communities of Dioknisi and Didachara of Khulo district. Project activities included identification and  selection of initiative groups (IG) in target communities, their trainings in business planning, potato growing and livestock breeding/feeding technologies and methods, establishment and legal registration of RSCs, their provision with necessary agricultural machinery (tractors, etc.) and high quality imported potato seeds for distribution among beneficiary farmers, delivery of various training programs, arrangement of demo- projects in potato growing, assistance in development of market linkages for local potato products to wholesale regional markets, etc (more...);
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