2014-2017: “Strengthening Farmers Cooperatives In Rural Municipalities of Georgia” (ENPARD I)

Together with Mercy Corps, ABCO implemented project on “Strengthening Farmers Cooperatives In Rural Municipalities of Georgia” in scope of the European Neighbourhood Programme for Agriculture and Rural Development in Georgia (ENPARD I) (Small Farmers Co-operation component Grant). Project, through appropriately focused activities, aims at contributing to poverty reduction among local farmers through developing sustainable and business-oriented/agricultural cooperatives to enable increased food production, improving efficiency of supporting functions (supplies, services, marketing, etc), strengthening linkages with Agriculture Service Providers, enhancing the market environment to help small farmers increase their production and progress from subsistence to market oriented agriculture and generate additional income, etc. Project’s target area covers 21 Municipalities in 5 regions of Georgia – Imereti, Shida Kartli, Kvemo Kartli, Kakheti and Samtskhe – Javakheti.  ABCO’s role in the project provides, through the relevant training and consulting activities, for facilitating to strengthening and increasing capacities of farmers’ groups and  agriculture service providers so farmers can have sustainable and long-term access to the necessary goods and services (more...);
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