Business Trainings:
  • General Business Training programs - training courses, workshops and seminars (of selective formats and duration);
  • Training in Business Planning;
  • Trainings in Financial / Tax / Cost Accounting;
  • Training in Marketing;
  • Training in Financial Management;
  • Specifically tailored business trainings for specific target groups (start-up entrepreneurs, women entrepreneurs, youth entrepreneurs, Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs);
  • Trainings/workshops for local business centres, rural service/extension/agricultural machinery service centres, credit unions and similar business service agencies;

Agriculture Related Trainings:
  • Training in Farmer Organizations
  • Training in Agricultural Extension
  • Training in Gender in Agriculture
  • Training in Solar Energy and Biogas Production
  • Training in Livestock Feeding (5 modules)
  • Training in Livestock Breeding
  • Training in Dairy Production
  • Trainings in Potato Production
  • Training in Onion and Garlic Production
  • Training in Corn/Beetroot/Cereals Production
  • Training in Storing and Preservation of Fruits and Vegetables (various modules)
  • Training in Apiculture (beekeeping)
  • Training in Trout and Pond Fish Production

Community Development Trainings
  • Training in Community Based Economic Development

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