2017-2019: ABCO, within the consortium of International and local partners (leading partner “Eastern  Europe Studies Centre” (EESC) - Lithuania), “Georgian Institute of Politics”(Georgia), Globsec (Slovakia) and Young Scientists  Union  "Intellect"(Georgia),  implement the EU/EC funded project - “Georgia on European Way: Creation of Effective Model for DCFTA and SME Strategy Implementation”  which provides for strengthening the capacities of Georgian CSOs and BSOs along the DCFTA implementation process and along the implementation of the SME strategy for Georgia. The project covers 53 municipalities in all 9 Georgian regions and autonomous republics. The  project   activities   are based   on  following  three  specific  objectives,   which  determine the  role  of Georgian CSOs, primary  participants and later partners  during  implementation of the project: -  Increasing CSOs  role when  raising  public awareness,  understanding and   support  for   DCFTA implementation in Georgia - Building capacities of Georgian CSOs  to assist and  consult local  SMEs  on accessing and  benefiting from the EU internal market;-   Establishing  comprehensive    monitoring   and    advise-based   cooperation   between   Georgian authorities, CSOs, BSOs  and  SMEs through establishment and functioning of the relevant Local and Central level Councils;
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