2015-2017: Increasing Agricultural Skills of the Affected Cattle Breeding, Hazelnut, Beekeeping 
and Poultry Farmers in Khulo and Shuakhevi Municipalities
2015 - 2017:  ABCO, through series of  service contracts concluded with Adjaristsqali Georgia LLC (AGL), carried out activities in the mountainous districts of Ajara, under the project of “Cattle Breeding and Hazelnut Production Support in the Municipalities of Khulo and Shuakhevi” of Ajara AR, aimed at Supporting the Development of Agriculture and Increasing Agricultural Skills among the local farmer population affected by the construction of “Shuakhevi Hydropower Plant” cascade project (implemented by AGL together with international partners, through financing from EBRD and ADB. The second phase of ABCO’s activities under the project provided for “Consulting and Training Services to Farmer Population in Khulo and Shuakhevi districts, Affected by Construction of the 35 KV Overhead Transmission Line “Shuakhevi-Skhalta”, by supporting beekeeping as well as to poultry farming activities in the target municipalities. Project activities targeted on assisting the affected farmers in Shuakhevi and Khulo municipalities in acquiring modern farming techniques to increase their productivity and improve efficiency of local cattle breeding, hazelnut production as well as beekeeping and poultry farming operations, through provision of integrated approach to addressing multiple aspects of the targeted sub-sectors’ development by providing sustainable economic and social solutions in the two municipalities In scope of the project, total number of 103 beneficiary farmers from Khulo and Shuakhevi were provided with technical assistance and financial support to improve their livelihoods and increase agricultural skills and capacities in the areas of livestock farming, hazelnut production and beekeeping.  ABCO’s particular activities in the project included: 1)Implementation of Survey for Assessment of the Baseline Situation among the targeted farmer population in villages of Khulo and  Shuakhevi districts, through conducting personal interviews with potential beneficiary farmers to identify their existing needs, current problems as well as opportunities in order to define and design the project’s next supporting activities, including development of  training modules in cattle-breeding, hazelnut growing technologies; 2) Implementation of series of Training Programs in cattle-breeding, hazelnut production, beekeeping to the beneficiary farmers in Khulo and Shuakhevi; 3) Delivery of the follow-up direct Individual Consultations to the project’s beneficiaries; 4) Providing assistance to the selected group of the project’s beneficiary farmers in Acquisition (selection, purchase and delivery) of high quality cattle and hazelnut seedlings to advance their production activities and improve their livelihoods; 5) Organization of a Study Tour to modern poultry farm in Shida Kartli region of Georgia for the group of the project’s beneficiary poultry farmers;  6) Implementation of a Demonstration Plot activity in the village of Didachara for trial production of a beet root crop for cattle feed; etc.
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