2005-2006: “Economic Development Planning (EDP)” component within the
Communities Empowered for Local Decision-making” (CELD) program 

2005-2006: together with Urban Institute, ABCO implemented the “Economic Development Planning (EDP)” component within the project of  “Communities Empowered for Local Decision-making” (CELD) program of UI. Within project ABCO participated in the EDP manual preparation by development of written recommendations on revisions to the EDP process manual to bring the manual contents in compliance with the CELD Economic Development Planning concept;  prepared the guidebook on “Doing Business in Georgia"; updated “The International Funds Guide"; formulated the concepts, organizational  models (applicable for Georgia) and business plans of such entities as “Municipal One-Stop Shop”, “Business Information Center” and “Tourist Information Center”; assisted UI in implementing the Economic Development Program in Akhaltsikhe district of Samtskhe-Javalketi region as well as in other regions and towns of Georgia (more...).
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