2015 – 2017: ABCO participated in the project – “Expansion and Improved Management Effectiveness of Adjara Regions Protected Areas”. The Project is being implemented in partnership with United Nations Development Programme and Global Environment Fund UNDP/GEF Programme for Expansion and Improved Management Effectiveness of Adjara Regions Protected Areas (Micro-Capital Grant Agreement). The project aims at promoting the sustainable market oriented practices of farming to support development of agriculture in Protected Areas of Adjara, by supporting the creation and development of market oriented sustainable local farmer cooperatives. Activities include provision of target and assents (machinery, equipment) to identified cooperatives under the UNDP/GEF project for enhancing primary and secondary production, handling and transportation, as well as marketing of products produced by cooperatives. The expected results provide for enhanced capacities of producing and marketing of agriculture cooperatives farms in Ajara AR and establishing of good model of cooperative farm practice accessible for application all over the country. Activities to be implemented by ABCO in scope of the project within the selected municipalities of Ajara AR include: 1) Provision of capital costs grant and related support to the agriculture cooperatives from Ajara AR identified by means of the contest held by UNDP/GEF; 2) Support to farmers in creation and development of agriculture cooperatives; 3) Monitoring of the functioning and capacity development of the target cooperatives in using and service of the purchased equipment.
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